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Hi Ed, 
Thanks for the great service.  Victa Treco sheds are a bit rare over here in the west and when our door slide broke (it's eighteen years old.)  I thought I was in trouble.  I also thought I was going to have to dismantle the shed to fit the parts but your video was a saviour in that department.  I'm almost looking forward to the job now. 
Thanks again and Regards,


Thank you very much, I received my order today.
I don't order sheds or parts every day but I am so impressed with your service that I have already given your name to various people I know in this area and I hope you receive more orders from this region.
Once again, thank you for the most excellent service.
Kingswood NSW


Murray and Ed,

I would like to thank you for your excellent service.
I purchased our property with a pre existing shed. In recent bad weather one of the door became detached, as one of the door glides was broken. I tried to do a repair job and invent a solution. None seemed to be available at the local hardware store and no one seemed to be slightly interested in assisting to find a solution. i looked inside the shed and could not find a name plate to assist.
Yesterday I was standing outside the shed considering just fixing one of the door in place. It is a small shed and this would have been a desperate solution. I looked up and saw the Treco name on the gable of the shed.
My online search quickly found Treco Door Glides and the how to video. The video shows solutions which though easy are not immediately obvious.
Brilliant service. I have not got the parts yet, but already so impressed with your service and assistance.
Cheers and Thank you very much.